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Company history

This story has begun from a welding craftsman.

"Iron is interesting." "We can create whatever we want if it is iron."
Passion of the craftsman was spread.
Their own "thing," which is second to none, was born.

Manufacturing construction attachments,
Selling construction attachments,
Repairing hydraulic hose,
Our jobs for now.

We will create more valuable "leading things" than ever before.
Even to those who do not know construction attachments well,
we want to deliver something like a dream.

The soul, created by the first welding craftsman,
has been handed down to the present people in TAGUCHi group.
The soul is a core of TAGUCHi.


Sanyo Welding Industrial founded


Changed the organization to TAGUCHi Industrial Ltd.



Changed the organization to TAGUCHi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Developed "Powerful Grasper"


Taguchi Create Co., ltd. founded

Developed "GUZZILLA Pulverizer"

Developed "Orange Bucket"

Developed "Drive Mixing"

Developed "GUZZILLA Cutter"

Started Rental Business Department

Developed "Grasper V3" and "GUZZILLA Primary Crusher"


Developed "Escargon"

Developed "Kusakarugon" and "Automatic GUZZILLA"

Started HOSE MAN Department

Developed "Garigari-kun"

Established Rocky-sha Trade Co., Ltd. in Shanghai

Developed "Guzzilla DS Cutter"

Developed "DD-RIDDLE"

Grouped OO-com , Co., Ltd. (Started System Department)

Started Construction Business Department


Started Sales Business Department (present Sales Headquarters)

Construction Business Department obtained Construction Work License

PT Guzzilla International funded in Indonesia

Sato Design Office Co., Ltd. joined the group

Taguchi Assist West Japan Co., Ltd. founded

Developed Heavy industry giant robot "SUPER GUZZILLA"


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