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Primary Crusher

  • Twin cylinder primary crusher

    GUZZILLA Primary Crusher D

    We realized world's No.1 lightweight! Maintenance cost we...

Primary Cutter

  • Twin cylinder powerful cutting & concrete prima...

    GUZZILLA Primary Crusher DF

    The new lineup contains a set of various types.


  • SRC (Steel Reinforced Concrete) cutter

    GUZZILLA DS Cutters

    We realized the industry top-class cutting power and ligh...

  • Special cutter for waste plastic

    GUZZILLA Shear eco

    Optimal cutter for waste plastic


  • Powerful concrete pulverizer

    GUZZILLA Pulverizers

    A new lineup of the strongest Pulverizers!


  • Waste concrete disposal bucket


    All waste-concrete disposal work can be done by the excav...


  • Hydraulic Power Generation Magnet


    Best for collection, loading and unloading of steel frames.


  • The Next-Generation Grip Machine

    Grasper V3

    Gripping operation by the excavator.

  • Head-swing Type Gripper

    Head-swing Grasper

    A large freedom of gripping angle is realized due to head...

  • Full-swivel type gripping machine

    Total Swivel Grasper VS

    A high-efficiency gripping machine featuring head-swing a...

  • Full-swivel grasper for timber

    Full-Swivel Timber Grasper

    A head-swing full-swivel type gripping machine specialize...

  • Grasper (grasping machine) customized with an o...

    Grasper Special Claw

    Optional special claw can be selected depending on usage.


  • Asphalt & concrete cutting machine


    Powerfully processes cutting work by its dual drums.

  • Asphalt cutting machine


    This unit is best for asphalt chipping in road repair work.


  • Bucket-type rotative sifter


    A comfortable sifting work, operated like a bucket.

  • ECO-spec sifter

    Honeycomb Skeleton Bucket

    ECO-spec skeleton bucket

  • Standard sifter (standard type, E type)

    Skeleton Bucket

    For all sifting works and quarrying of the riverbeds.


  • Foundation improvement/sifter/mixing work

    Drive Mixing

    Allows simultaneous digging and mixing operation.

  • Foundation improvement/sifter/mixing work

    Mixing Fork

    For mixing operation for soil improvement and cements.

Deep Digger

  • Digging machine

    Mini-Earth Augar

    For pre-digging on building foundation work sites.

Grass cutter

  • Powerful bush & grass cutting machine


    It cuts weeds and bushes speedily and powerfully.


  • Scrap processing and various types of cargo ha...

    Orange Bucket

    The industry 's first fully sealed , achieve a strong em...

  • Standard-type bucket


    A bucket with an original geometry made by our company.

  • Bucket for soil consolidation and slope work

    Slope Bucket Y-1

  • Triangular Bucket TB

    Triangular Bucket TB

    Bucket suitable for trenching .


  • Electric motor drive-type hydraulic unit

    GUZZILLA Hydraulic Power Unit

    One electric source for powerful drive of various hydraul...

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